Besides the common water cooled ingot caster Hertwich offers an air cooled caster. In developing this caster several enhancements have been included to end up with an interesting alternative to the water cooled version. Both types, water cooled and air cooled, stand out for most advanced design in terms of efficiency, reliability and product quality.

Instead of a casting wheel, Hertwich prefers a casting launder to reduce the cascading effect markedly for reduced formation of dross. Furthermore uniformity of ingot height is improved. Downstream packing stations including stacking, strapping, weighing and marking are included as required, automated or manual operated. Recipe based fully automated cast start ensures enhanced safety and operator friendlyness.


Water cooled ingot caster


In countries with hot climate water cooling is mandatory to achieve the desired production rate. Open mould ingot casters are traditionally water cooled as a cheap and simple solution to solidify liquid metal.


No cooling water infrastructure required, yet more sophisticated air coolingAir cooled ingot caster

Freezing and cooling of ingots exclusively by air

Advantages over water cooled caster:

  • Better ingot quality
  • no shrinkholes and cavities, hence hazard-free remelting of ingots
  • no hydrogen pick-up of liquid metal
  • less wear and tear on equipment, extended service life of moulds
  • less maintenance
  • no foundation pit required
  • no water infrastructure required
  • additional primary cooling of filled moulds, secondary cooling of ingots in a paternoster cooling tower

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