Single chamber furnaces generally require comparatively low investment costs. Furnace design is simple, rectangular or round, depending on individual application.

The rectangular furnace design with its front door across the full furnace width allows for maximum access during charging and skimming. Such design is well suitable for melting of clean scrap, ingots, sows etc (type I) with a melt rate of 2 - 15 tons/hour. Single chamber melting furnaces are designed either for hydraulic tilting (as casting furnace) or stationary, as required.

Heating System: Cold air gas burners are common with single chamber furnaces. For lowest energy consumption regenerative burners are used, comprising honey comb ceramic elements. With regenerative burners energy consumption below 600 kWh/ton is easily achieved. A regulated flue gas flap or flue gas fan adjusts the furnace atmosphere for a slight positive pressure to minimise heat losses.

Accessories: Side wells or electromagnetic stirrers are fitted to the furnace wall or bottom. An electromagnetic stirrer supports even temperature distribution and alloying element dissolution. Melt level is measured by a radar probe to calculate the melt weight. If required, specific provisions are included for inserting gas lances into the melt.

Round type casting furnace (25tons)
Two rectangular type casting furnaces (50tons)
Single chamber melting furnace and charging machine, 55.000 tons/year

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