Hertwich stands for innovation, quality, and sustainability - yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Since 1973, the name Hertwich has stood for innovation and progress in aluminum recycling technology. As a global leader in aluminum recycling and equipment in the aluminum industry, we are committed to regularly presenting groundbreaking new developments. Our state-of-the-art systems are now found in foundries of all renowned aluminum manufacturers and many innovative medium-sized companies worldwide.

Aluminum is a true material of the future, capable of being recycled almost indefinitely without significant loss of quality or material. Hertwich recognized the importance of aluminum recycling early on and has acted accordingly. Our "Ecomelt melting furnaces" are a prime example of economic and environmentally friendly recycling, meeting the high demands of recycling plants and their CO2 reduction targets. With this, we provide technology for nearly CO2-neutral aluminum production.

With our many years of experience and relentless pursuit of improvement, we set standards in the aluminum industry and actively contribute to the sustainable use of this valuable resource.