Sawing & Packing


Get your logs ready for transport with the Fulliner

Hertwich offers a line of various sawing systems as well as a wide range of stacking-, packing- and marking equipment designed for meeting specific customer requirements.


  • Various layouts and options to streamline the plant to the client’s requirements
  • Complete lines from one supplier
  • Sophisticated control system with intuitive user interface, automatic restarting program, error detection and detailed diagnosis
  • Fully automated billet conveying, visual inspection, ultrasonic testing, cutting with scrap removal

Key features

  • Pin or laser marking
  • Bundle stacking cranes
  • Weighing, packing, strapping and labelling systems
  • Scrap manipulator for removal of off-cuts into containers

Plant Types

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Circular saws designed for specific requirements are a Hertwich specialty. The Hertwich circular sawing plants are an important part of automated billet production facilities. After cooling logs pass over a combination of storage conveyors and roller table lines to arrive at the billet saw, to be cut into short or long billets as required.

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The Hertwich Packing systems comes from single layer bundling units with semi-manual strapping systems to multi-layer stackers for short and long billets with fully automatic strapping, feeding of wooden runners and weighing.

Associated Equipment

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Swarf Briquetting Press

Our briquetting presses make swarf handling easy. They also significantly reduce the space you need for storing swarf boxes; pressed chips are less voluminous than loose ones. Aluminium briquettes are of high density, suitable for direct charging into standard reverb furnaces. Metal recovery during remelting is excellent, similar to that of ingots.

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Marking Systems

  • Log Eye
  • Laser Printer
  • Pintype Speed


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