Quality Inspection


Linear and Helical Ultrasonic Testing,
Billet Surface Inspection

Ultrasonic testing is an indispensable component of quality inspection for aluminum extrusion billet and forging stock. The fundamental emphasis is to integrate ultrasonic testing into the production process without extra handling and additional staff requirements.

Plant Types

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Linear Ultrasonic Testing

With linear ultrasonic testing stations, 100% of the centre core region are examined for cracks and inclusions, but not the full diameter of the log. However, as centre cracks and centre cavities are by far the most common material flaws in the logs, this method affords a good standard of quality verification.

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Helical Ultrasonic Testing

For the production of highly stressed components, particularly for the aircraft and automotive industries, reliable examination of all billet material used is mandatory. Helical ultrasonic testing is adjusted to detect centre cracks, inclusions and surface cracks.

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Billet Surface Inspection

To date visual quality control of billet surface is usually done by operators. Hertwich has developed a billet surface inspection using 3D camera technology in order to reliably detect surface defects on aluminium billets caused by the casting process. Additionally, the 3D data is used to analyse the billet straightness.


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