Braunau am Inn, Austria, April 12, 2022

Hertwich supplies emission-free aluminum production to Nordural

  • Green aluminum through CO2-neutral power generation
  • Another step toward achieving global climate protection target

Nordural, Iceland part of Century Aluminium has ordered Hertwich Engineering to supply a complete aluminium billet casthouse with zero greenhouse-gas emissions.

Hertwich Engineering will deliver two electrically heated holding casting furnaces, a vertical casting machine and an electrically heated continuous homogenizing plant for a yearly production of 150.000 metric tons of aluminium billets. As a System-Supplier Hertwich will also supply the automation of the casthouse. The homogenizing plant includes a Hertwich Ultrasonic inspection with a billet saw plant including band strapping system.

“We are pleased and honoured to be chosen by Nordural for supplying the complete casthouse, but even more we a proud to be an active partner in achieving lowest CO2-emissions per ton of aluminium billets and as such helping to achieve the global climate change goals” stated Gerold Keune, Managing Director of Hertwich Engineering.

Nordural operates an aluminium plant at Grundartangi, Iceland with a capacity of approx. 320.000 tons per year and is part of Century Aluminium. Through its strategic positioning between North America and Europe and CO2-neutral power generation in Iceland, Nordural can offer their green aluminium Natur-AlTM with reduced shipment times.

Hertwich Engineering, Austria designs and supplies complete casthouse and single equipment’s to the aluminium industry and is part of SMS group.

Hertwich Engineering, a company of the SMS group is renowned for its future-oriented, energy saving technologies and outstanding service in aluminium casthouse. The company is active worldwide with design, supply, construction and commissioning of special machinery and equipment for the Aluminium industry. Hertwich is competent for supplying complete Al-casthouse on a turnkey basis (one-stop-shopping). The product range comprises melting equipment for aluminium scrap, conti and batch homogenizing plants, sawing plants, horizontal and vertical casting machines and quality inspection stations, etc. To stay ahead Hertwich relies on its own R&D and proprietary know-how. For 50 years, the advanced technology has revolutionized the industry and the company maintains its worldwide lead.