Horizontal Casting Plants

The Universal Caster for ingots, busbars, t-bars and billets

The fully continuous HDC process is ideal for automation. Sawing, weighing, hard stamping, ink marking, labelling, stacking and strapping is carried out without any additional manpower. During past years the plants have been improved consistently and now feature automatic cast starts and stops as well as automatic tundish adjustment.

Quality Attributes

  • Low hydrogen, extremely low oxide inclusions
  • Fine uniform grain structure
  • Consistency and uniformity of alloying elements content and distribution
  • No gravity segregation
  • No cracks, shrink holes and water inclusions
  • consistent dimension, straightness and weight
  • Smooth surface, easy for stacking and strapping compact bundles


  • High safety level, no water explosion hazard
  • Optimized pouring trough for minimum melt turbulence and oxide formation
  • No mould skimming required
  • Uniform shrinkage during solidification
  • Mould temperature adjustable prior metal pouring
  • Enhanced air cooling for optimum solidification (eutectic alloys)
  • Air cooled moulds are not subject to temperature shocks
  • No exposure to water – almost unlimited service life of moulds
  • Low labour and maintenance cost