Batch Homogenizing Furnace at a glance

  • Reliable, best homogenizing quality
  • Flexible Heat Treatment for frequent alloy changes and long homogenizing times
  • Newly developed reversed air concept with regulating flaps for extra fast heating, saving some 20-25% heating time
  • Improved temperature uniformity
  • Lowest energy consumption, low power ratings
  • Extremely reliable operation, little down-time, low maintenance and repair costs
  • Low labour costs, full automation
  • High flexibility of plant layout

Conventional batch homogenizing furnaces are designed with mono-directional airflow. The new generation of Hertwich batch furnaces comes with some new features and benefits:

  • reversed air flow reduces temperature deviation between outer and inner logs
  • 20% faster heating


  • Single chamber up to 90 t
  • Double chamber up to 180 t
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Batch Furnace with Cooling Station, Stacking Crane and Spacer Manipulator