The technology behind our furnaces

  • Automatic scrap charging
  • Thermal gasification of the organic content by heating scrap in a hot gas stream; at about 400 – 500 °C, the temperature here is below the melting point of aluminum
  • Combustion and post-combustion of gasified organic compounds take place in all chambers of the furnace. Gasification of hydrocarbons contributes energy to the melting process. Due to the constant high temperature (> 900 °C) and the controlled furnace atmosphere, the main chamber of the furnace is ideal for post-combustion
  • The preheated scrap melts exclusively due to contact with liquid melt (submerged melting process). Crucial here is an electromagnetic liquid-metal pump that transports sufficient melt to the scrap to ensure the necessary melting energy. This method results in the lowest metal loss
  • Near-continuous heating. That means the charging and melting activities do not interrupt the main burner operation
  • Most of the melting energy is introduced to the melt in the main chamber in the form of radiant heat. Using a regenerator system ensures high combustion efficiency at low energy consumption (< 600 kWh/ton)