Single-chamber melting and casting furnaces

Low investment cost for your competitive advantage

The furnace design of single-chamber melting and casting furnaces is relatively simple depending on the individual application. The rectangular ovens feature a front door across the entire furnace width. This ensures full access during charging and skimming. Furnaces are designed either stationary or with hydraulic tilting.

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Furnace capacity: 10 – 150 tons
Melting rate: 1 – 20 tons/hour


Cold-air gas burners are commonly used in casting furnaces. However, if the energy consumption is to be reduced as much as possible, regenerative burners with honeycomb ceramic elements have proven effective. With regenerative heating, a specific energy consumption of less than 500 kWh/t is achieved. Controlled flue gas flaps and flue gas fans adjust the furnace atmosphere to create a slightly positive pressure.


Optional extras include side wells or electromagnetic liquid metal pumps for fitting to the furnace wall. Also available are electromagnetic stirrers that ensure uniform temperature distribution and help dissolve alloying elements. Furthermore, there are special systems for inserting gas lances into the melt.

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Regenerative Heating System