Universal rotary tilting furnaces

The most versatile rotary tilting furnace on the market

The URTF type represents leading edge technology to sustainably contribute to environmentally sound yet economic scrap recycling. It is suitable for melting dross and low-grade scrap or material with a high iron content and designed for 3 different processes:

Low salt process
Salt free ALUREC® process
Calcium aluminate process

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Two URTF-14 furnaces

The URTF is available in a wide range of sizes from 3 to 20 m3 (6 to 40 tons) and melting rates from 1.5 to 8 tons per hour. You can also choose from a broad tilting range of between -20° and +40°. As a unique feature, the furnace can be operated at various tilting angles from -20° to -10°. The backward tilt of -20° facilitates quick charging. You benefit from the high degree of automation for charging, melting, tapping, and slag tilting. That's because it takes only one operator plus one supervisor per shift to operate the furnace. You can cut costs even further because the oxy-fuel burner system comes with short cycle times and correspondingly high melting rates. Combined with integrated oxygen lances and permanent CO measurement, this furnace type ensures extra-low specific gas consumption.